School: Siolbhrain (Shelbourne) (roll number 5235 or 5484)

Gortrooskagh, Co. Kerry
Síghle, Bean Uí Thuama

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Festival Customs

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0461, Page 099

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The Feast of St. Brigid is held on 1st. day of February. It is said that it is not right to plough with two horses on that day. On St. Brigid's Night it is a custom by the young people to make a "brígíd óg" - a figure of St. Brigid, dressed in white, & go from house to house. The woman of the house should welcome St. Brigid, & then the young people would have a round of Song & dance.
On St. Patrick's Day the old men say to each other "My Patrick's Pot on you" - this means a challenge for a treat on St. Patrick's Day.
During Shrove the people make matches ad get married. On Shrove Tuesday NIght, all the old bachelors who were matchmaking, but unsuccessful in securing a wife, are "roped in," and carried some distance along the road. this practice is called "Taking them to Skelligs."