School: Siolbhrain (Shelbourne) (roll number 5235 or 5484)

Gortrooskagh, Co. Kerry
Síghle, Bean Uí Thuama

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The Lore of Certain Days

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0461, Page 066

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The old People say that it is not right to go to see a sick person on Monday, Wednesday or Friday, or never to come from a wake alone at night.
If you redden a grave on Monday, you will redden one on every day of the week. Therefore if there must be a funeral on Monday, the grave should be opened on Sunday.
People never change from one house to another in Lent or Advent, or on a Monday or a Friday. They say a good day to change is 25th March.
Saturday's moon comes twenty years too soon.
Women do not like to "set" eggs for hatching during dark moon. November dark moon is supposed to be the best time to sow wheat. When the two horns of the moon are turned up it is the sign of bad weather. People say it is not right to dye cloth during the bright moon,

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