School: Siolbhrain (Shelbourne) (roll number 5235 or 5484)

Gortrooskagh, Co. Kerry
Síghle, Bean Uí Thuama

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0461, Page 058

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Long ago wheat, rye, barley & oats were ground at home and made into bread. The grounding was done by means of querns. Later on, the wheat was sent to the grinding-mill.
Different kinds of bread were made: such as barley, bread, rye, oatmeal. griddle cakes and potato cakes. Bead-soda, carraway seeds, and skimmed milk were used in making oat-meal bread.
Potato cakes (or stampy) were a great rarity. The potatoes that were blackening were selected, as being the sweetest. They were washed, peeled & grated with a grater. Salt & butter were added., they were then mixed with sweet milk, & baked in an oven, & eaten hot with butter.
Griddle cakes were cooked on a griddle over a clear fire, turned & then put standing against the griddle in front of the fire till baked through.