School: Cnoc an Doire (B.) (roll number 2418)

Knockaderry, Co. Kerry
Domhnall Ó Seaghdha

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Cnoc an Doire (B.) | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0460, Page 125

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One day an old woman was walking along a road with a bag of potatoes on her back. She got a drive in a horse's car. When she got into the car she kept the bag on her back all the time. The man said "Why dont you put the bag of potatoes on the car". "Ah!"said she "I wouldn't like to be putting the weight on the poor horse".

John Fitzgerald
Gowlane, Co. Kerry

Once a man was lodging in a house for a night. When he got up in the morning the woman of the house asked him had he a good night's sleep. "I didn't sleep a wink" said he "because the bed was ate with fleas". "I thought " said the woman "that there wasn't a single flea in that bed" "Tis true for you mam because they are all married and have big families" said he.

Daniel Buckley was a porter at Molahiffe Station. He was talking to a priest and they saw William Fitzgerald coming along the road. "I bet you" said Dan "that this man cannot speak three words without cursing". "Shurely" said the priest "he won't curse opposite me". When Billy landed to the place

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