School: Cnoc an Doire (B.) (roll number 2418)

Knockaderry, Co. Kerry
Domhnall Ó Seaghdha

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Cnoc an Doire (B.) | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0460, Page 084

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Long ago there were two children who were twins. Their names were Mickey and Paddy. They were carried to the church to be baptized. When they were coming home from the church after being baptized one of them died. The nurse did not know which one of them died. So the one that lived was always doubting about his name. It was alright until he was going to get married. He went to the priest. When the priest asked him his name, he said that he was Micky or Paddy. "Explain yourself", said the priest. "If Mickey died, I am Paddy and if Paddy died I am Mickey", explained the boy.


Long ago the people used to walk to Cork. There were no railways or motors in those days. It happened one morning that a man wanted to go to Cork, to fix about butter. There was no bread in the house. His wife went out to the cornfield. She cut a sheaf of oats and brought it into the house. She threshed it first and ground it between two stones called querns. She sieved and made bread of it. Before the bread was baked the man of the house was so impatient that he started on his journey to Cork. When the bread was baked the wife followed

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