School: Deravoy (roll number 373)

Derryveagh, Co. Monaghan
E. Treanor

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Another Story about Father McKenna

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0959, Page 062

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Another story about Father Mckenna who was shot at Lec an t-sagairt The men who shot Father McKenna came through Cloughfin and turned down to a sheebeen or pblic house in Brian Flood's of Tonincleve. This they left on a misty drizzly night. The informer's name is given as Parra Ban Art but owing to his having relations ashamed of this the exact informer is not known.
It is said they came round by Esh and from that viewed Leac an t-sagairt One or two men of the soldiers were directed to creep close and cover the light.
At this time a famous highwayman was in the heather and not far away and was listening to heir talk.
The marksman or men were told to cover the light which illumined the altar and enabled the priest to read the Missal When the light was darkened the yeoman was to fire (having it covered before).
Two men were named as markmen one was Bob Patterson and the other was called "Turkey" Dick Wilson The nickname was given him because he got presents of

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E. Treanor