School: Deravoy (roll number 373)

Derryveagh, Co. Monaghan
E. Treanor

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0959, Page 031

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There was a man and a woman lived together. The made a cast of meal in mill. The woman lost a pin int he meal when they took it home. She got the man away one day from home and she took the meal out to the field to look for the pin. The wind came and blew it all through the field. When the man came home he asked her was there snow or what whitened the field. I took out the meal to look for the pin she said and the wind came and blew it away "Ah I never seen you a day better." They had a garden of cabbage. he went away to the market the next day and he bought her beef. He took home the beef and told her to cut it and keepa bit for every head of cabbage. She went and put a bit on every head of cabbage in the garden. The man asked her what noise was that. Then she says it must be the dogs of the country at the beef. "Ah I never seen you a day better," said the man "I'll leave you in the morning and I'll not be seen any more." He did go and she went after him crying

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E. Treanor