School: Deravoy (roll number 373)

Derryveagh, Co. Monaghan
E. Treanor

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Deravoy | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0959, Page 022

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like stealing sheep and killing them. Go down to the room and there is a bed there and you can rest yourself.
I was not long in bed to the knock came to the door. She let them in and she says "speak easy there is a man in the room" One of the men says "he will not be long in it." I heard them sharpening a nice I put my head to the roof and I put all out before me. I was only out when three of them came down to the room.
When they seen I was away they followed me on to I came to a big river. I got in under one of the banks.
They came to the river and looked in and said the thief is away with the flood. I stayed on under the bank for about two hours. There came a wee man about two feet in height and stood on the other bank.
He says to me what has happened you. I am out all night and was very near been murdered. On that minute the light started up that you could gather pins around you. There was a footstick thrown across that you could

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E. Treanor