School: Taite Buí (Blackstaff)

Tattyboy, Co. Monaghan
B. Mac Bhloscaidh

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Paddy Always on Top

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0932, Page 259

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"Paddy" always on top
One day Paddy was going to an auction and he met the devil on his way.
"Well Paddy," said the devil, "are you going to the auction?"
"I am." said Paddy.
"What do you think of buying a field for oats between us?"
"All right," agreed Paddy, "What part will you take?"
"I will take under the ground" said the Devil.
When the time came for cutting it, Paddy got the oats and the devil got the roots.

Next year Paddy was going to the auction and he met the devil again.
He asked him this time to buy a field for potatoes.
Paddy asked him what he would take this year, and the devil said he would take over the ground.
Paddy got the potatoes and the devil got the stalks.
The devil said that he would have nothing to do with Paddy again, as he had got the best of him every time.
This story was got from Patrick Tuite, Mullagh

Patrick Tuite
Mullaghunshinagh, Co. Monaghan