School: Lisnafunchin, Castlecomer (roll number 16230)

Lisnafunshin, Co. Kilkenny
Ml. Ó Riagáin

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0864, Page 018

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If you cut your finger...

If you cut your finger a cobwed put in it will stop the blood. If a person had a "bunlock" on their foot they should make a poultice of soap and sugar and put it to it. If your eyes were sore in the morning you would have to wash them with cold drawn tea. If a dog bit you you would have to pull a bunch of hair from the dog and put it to the wound to stop the pain.
If a person had a bile on their knee you would have to put boiling milk to it. If the nail was gone from your big toe a cat should lick it with her tongue. If a person had a sore throat they should get dry salt and put it in a silk sock and put it around their neck. Dandeline is the cure for pimles on your face

John Molloy