School: Imleach Neachtain (roll number 11983)

Emlaghnaghtan, Co. Sligo
Ml. Ó Casaide
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0184, Page 0372

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0184, Page 0372

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  1. There are four tailors in my district tailor Curley, tailor Healy, and tailor Maye and tailor Walshe. The only one who goes from place to place is tailor Curley making boy's pants and as they are called round here "tags" which means little coats. Michael Mc Avoy's Grandmother has a spinning-wheel with which she spins thread. Michael who is a pupil of this school is proud of his grandmother's sninning-wheel as it is the only one for miles around. She cards the wool with "carders" and then spins it. There are shirts made at home but the clith is bought in the shops. There are plenty of socks knitted locally. There are two tailors in Ballymote who sell cloth. They are called merchant-tailor The tailors use a thimble withour a bottom, a large scissors, a piece of chalk
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    Leo Quigley
    Emlaghnaghtan, Co. Sligo