School: Tír na Néill (roll number 3845)

Tirnaneill, Co. Monaghan
M. Mc Cague

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0961, Page 078

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Our goat one time went into a house, the goat went away up the stairs and got in under the bed. (When) The lady of the house came up to put the children to bed.
The goat horned the woman and she looked in under the bed and she saw the goat's shining eyes. She ran down the stairs an said she saw the devil. The man came up and took the goat out.
One night a man was sitting at the fire. The cat was sitting on a chair beside the fire. The man looked at the cat and put out his tongue at the cat.
The cat leaped to the top of the stairs. I was a lad and so was my Dad I jumped into a bean hull. The bean hull being to full. I jumped into a roaring bull. The roaring bull being too fat I jumped into a gentleman's hat. The gentleman's hat being too fine I jumped into a bottle of wine. The bottle of wine being too thick I jumped into an oak stick. The oak stick being too narrow I jumped into a box barrow. The box barrow wouldn't wheel I jumped into a horse's heel. The horse's heel began to crack I jumped into an asses back. The

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Kathleen Stuart