School: Cnapach (Crappagh) (roll number 7529)

Crappagh, Co. Monaghan
Mrs Horan
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0949, Page 197

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0949, Page 197

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    away and to bring luck. They are also afraid of certain people who are supposed to have "the evil eye" and are able to "overlook" their stock. If these people look at the cattle they will die. When some people are showing a new horse or cow or young calves etc. to a person if the person doesn't say "God bless them" the owners are dissatisfied and in some cases ask them to say it.
    Those people who have the "evil eye" it is said, can't look at any animal unless they have broken their fast. And some men have to eat a piece of bread before going out to fodder their own cattle in the mornings. I heard of a man who had a cow sick and he blamed some of his neighbours for "over-looking" her because they were jealous of him getting on well. The cow died and when he turned the others out on the road they all had a piece of red cloth tied on their tails. This was supposed to prevent the neighbours from "overlooking" them.
    Another man always bleeds a young calf's ear as soon as it is born
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    Tom Mc Kenna
    Mr Allen
    c. 80
    Corduff, Co. Monaghan