School: Drumakill (roll number 6365)

Drumakill, Co. Monaghan
Florence Harrison
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0943, Page 060

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0943, Page 060

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  1. Some people travel about selling goods. Some of them have cotton for sale, some tweed and many other kinds of tweed. Some of these people are poor and others are not. People buy from these travellers. The travelling folk are not so welcome to the houses as they were long ago. Long ago the people kept them over night. They slept in the houses for the people used to make "shake downs" for them or they slept in the barns. These people carry no food with them. They depend on the kindness of the people they visit. Long ago they asked for meal. Nearly all the people go on foot and most of them go in families with donkeys and carts. These people tell other people all the news. Some of the travelling folk sell oil cloth some tables and mats, hand made paper flowers, and many other things.
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    Dorothy Harrison
    Church Hill, Co. Monaghan