School: Carrickatee (roll number 16481)

Carrickatee, Co. Monaghan
Éamonn Ó Dubhthaigh

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New Year's Eve Customs

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0941, Page 327

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New Year eve Customs.

The people of the house were anxious that what they considered to be a lucky person should enter the house first on New-Years day. He brought good luck for the remainder of the year. They considered a man to be much more lucky than a women. Sometimes a lucky member of the family remained up until after midnight and then came in, in the ordinary way and brought with him a quantity of new milk and butter and some clay. These were lucky gifts he brought to the family. No money was paid out on the New-Years day. Shop keepers did not give goods with out the money on this day.