School: Lappen (roll number 2020)

Lappan, Co. Monaghan
Seán Ó Ruanadha
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0938, Page 106

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0938, Page 106

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    paid "Give me a horse". He was soon on a horse too. Off they all went & he did not know where he was but the fairies would tell him. They rode through Belfast & Dublin & returned again late in the night.
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  2. After the Battle of Clontarf some of the Danes remained in Ireland and at night one stopped in every house. The Irish arranged to kill everyone of them & the plot was carried out and only two escaped in a boat. They were captured. One of them was able to make a certain drink so the Irish said they would not kill him if he gave them the secret. He said he would if they would kill the other man & then he said "You can kill me now for I will not tell you". So the Irish killed him too.
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    AT2412E: (Danish Heather Beer.)
    Owen Sherry
    Drummuck, Co. Monaghan
  3. There was once a beggar man at Croc An Andy Bridge who was refused bread and he prophesied there would not be the cry of a child
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