School: Clontibret (roll number 10751)

Clontibret, Co. Monaghan
Jessie Irvine
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0936, Page 200

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0936, Page 200

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  1. Longago the houses were built with clay and thatched with straw or rushes. If a man had a big farm he kept straw for thatch and the small farmer had to do with rushes which he got in the bog.
    There was only one door and two windows in each house. The windows were very small and some of them had glass and some had a kind of greased paper. These windows were never opened and there was not much light only what came in by the door.
    The bed was often in the kitchen and could be used as a seat in the day-time. It was called a settle bed, and was placed with the head to the gable and the side next the back wall. There was another kind of bed also, much the same as our beds and was placed in a recess in the wall and curtains hung down in front of the bed and people would not know it was there at all. The mattresses were made of straw or chaff and some of the richer folks had ticks of
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    Adelaide Elliott
    Avalreagh, Co. Monaghan