School: Ráithín (C.) (roll number 9384)

Raheen, Co. Kerry
Peig, Bean Uí Chróinín
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0457, Page 114

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0457, Page 114

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  1. In penal times in this district tenants were evicted from their holdings on the most trivial excuses and these handed over to favourites. (1) The latter were admitted to have legal possession if allowed to put out (quench) the fire and take away a wisp of thatch from the roof.
    (2) No milk was given away on May Day.
    (3) No butter was churned on that day.
    (4) People brought water from where three boundaries met (to increase their butter).
    (5) No fire was let out of the house on May Day.
    (6) Should a person enter a house with a weapon (beam spade +c.) he was ordered to go abroad backwards and remove the burthen before entering.
    (7) When churning three small pieces of live coals were placed under the staff churn.
    (8) Every person who entered a house whilst churning was in progress had to strike some few strokes of the churn-staff saying "God bless all here".
    (9) Journeys were not started on Mondays.
    (10) A woman was forbidden to enter the field where a pair of horses were ploughing.
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