School: Scoil na Mainistreach (roll number 1793)

Killarney, Co. Kerry
An Br. P.C. Mac Niallghuis
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0455, Page 128

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0455, Page 128

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  1. My home town is called Killarney. It is composed of several parishes chief of which are, the parishes of Fossa and Glenflesk. Most of the land around Killarney is owned by Lord Kenmare.
    "Cill Áirne", as it is called is the Irish for the "Church of Sloes". The church was built in the midst of a wood of sloes, and the name of the town is called Cill Áirne.
    Killarney has many old people. Mr Moriarty who owns a drapers shop is past 80(?) but he is as healthy as a young man. An old story-teller whose name is Tom O'Connor lives in St. Mary's Terrace. He can relate stories both in Irish and English.
    Killarney abounds in famous ruins. They are, Ross Castle which the Irish surrendered to Cromwell, Muckross Abbey where the Franciscan monks lived, and Agahdoe where the Bishops of Kerry resided.
    There are three lakes in Killarney the biggest of which is Loch Lein.
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    Killarney, Co. Kerry
    A. J. Moynihan
    Killarney, Co. Kerry