School: Scoil na Mainistreach (roll number 1793)

Killarney, Co. Kerry
An Br. P.C. Mac Niallghuis
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0455, Page 061

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0455, Page 061

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  1. "Landlordism." This is a term which has meant much bloodshed, bitterness, and destruction to Ireland, for it was the actions of the landlords towards their tenants that compelled the tenants to unit for their own protection, and so try and wring from them just treatment in the fixing of their rents.
    The tenants fought against their Lords for 200 years, and gained the victory by having different Acts of Parliament passed, which fixed their rents and enables them to buy their lands by instalments, and the relations of landlord and tenant were, to a certain degree regulated by these Acts. Most of the old Landlords came into possession of the farms of Ireland on account of their services to the Crown and others got their land when tenants were evicted at the time of the penal laws.
    The Earl of Kenmare owns most of the land throughout the town and district of Killarney. He inherited the land from his ancestors who acquired it under a mortage which remained unpaid by Mc Carthy Mor, the former owner.
    The present Earl is reputed to be a gentle
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      1. land management (~4,110)
    A. J. Moynihan
    Michael O Connor
    Killarney, Co. Kerry