School: Anabla

Anablaha, Co. Kerry
Seán Ó Súilleabháin

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Anabla | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0454, Page 038

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There were matched played in olden times. The teams were Scartaglen and Kilcummin. There were fifteen man on each side.
The game was played in Kilcummin. It was a parish game. Kilcummin beat Scartaglen by one point. Long ago people played hand-ball against the facing of kilms. Casting was practiced in older times. First of all they put down a mark, and when they were casting they put the tops of their shoes at the mark. Then they threw the stone over their shoulders. The person who threw it the furthest won. There were two kinds of stones

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Pat Kerrisk
Inchicorrigane West, Co. Kerry
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the gruel they ate it in the middle of the floor. when they were eating potatoes they pulled out the table in the middle of the floor and they put a coarse bag on it. They put the potatoes on the bowl and they began to eat.
The bread they had was in squares. Meat was only eaten every Sunday, and it was salt meat they had. They only drank tea at Christmas and they ate eggs on Easter Sunday. Tea became plentiful about thirty years ago. It was out of timber mugs they drank their tea. Timber mugs were made from solid blocks of the sycamore tree.