School: Cnoc Breac (roll number 13041)

Knockbrack, Co. Kerry
Séamus Ó Conchubhair

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0450, Page 242

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fire is always made in a certain place and in out district both smiths work together.

Long ago the people used to make their own harps and crosses for St. Patrick's day. They used to be made from a piece of round paper. They used to stick a pen in their hand so as to get a drop of blood to colour them. They used to put different kinds of colours on them and also made a cross out of a bit of green ribbon and sew it on to the paper. They used to colour the harps with yokes of eggs and with green so that they would have something to wear in honour of St. Patrick's Day.


The names of our fields at home are, the Kiln field, the big pound and the small pound, The cottage meadow, the meadow near the house the long meadow the small meadow, the bitter field, the big field, the drain field, the bog field, the middle inch and the last inch, the haggard above the house, and the haggard below the house, the páircín and the inch near the bridge. There is a kiln in the kiln field and that is how it got its name. The cows were kept in the pounds and that is how they got their names. The meadow near the house got its name because it is near the house. The small meadowgot its

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