School: Cnuicín na hAbhann

Knockeennahone, Co. Kerry
Máiréad, Bean Uí Chéirín

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Local Heroes and Heroines

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0448, Page 226

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About fifty years ago the men were much stronger and healthier than the men that are there now. The food they had at that time for the breakfast was potatoes and thick milk or sometimes yellow gruel and they were very glad to have it. Very few of them had aches or pains and many did not go to doctors whilst they were eating this food.
I heard of a few very strong men but I heard of one man and he was remarkably strong. His name was Denny Horan but they usually called him Donncad Bill.
One day he went to the bog with a donkey and car drawing out turf. There were more men working in the bog. One of the men called him and whilst he was talking to him the donkey and car fell off the bank into the hole. When he looked around him the donkey was inside in the hole and he did nothing atall but untackled out the donkey

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Patrick O Connor
Knockrower West, Co. Kerry