School: Cnuicín na hAbhann

Knockeennahone, Co. Kerry
Máiréad, Bean Uí Chéirín

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A Súgán Chair

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0448, Page 192

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A Súgán Chair

If the seat of my sugán chair was warn, I would rip off all the old worn sugáns and put on new ones.
First I would get long hay and put it in a heap on the ground. Then I would get a twister and get someone to twist it. I would get a piece of hay and make a hole in it and put it in the twister. I would put my right hand on the twister and cross it with my left hand and twist away until I would have a good long sugán made to go around the chair.
When I would be putting the sugán on the chair I would start at the right hand side. I would put three or four rows across the front of the chair from the right to the left rung, and bring it across the right rung a the right side, and I would bring it down across the front rung and carry it around the side rung. I would cross it from right to left again three times and so on until the seat was finished.

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Margaret O Connor
Knockrower West, Co. Kerry
Maurice Casey
Derreen, Co. Kerry