School: Cnuicín na hAbhann

Knockeennahone, Co. Kerry
Máiréad, Bean Uí Chéirín

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Cnuicín na hAbhann | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0448, Page 181

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your groves and strands,
Far, far from home I am forced to roam, all
in a foreign land,
When Crinns [?] sun burst brightly down o'er
valley, hill and dale,
Then I'll come home no more to ram from
sweet Adriville.


1 Which eat more - black sheep or white sheep?
Ans. White because there are more of them there.
2 How many weeks in the year?
Ans. 45, because 7 are lent
3 Why are soldiers glad on 1st of April
Ans. Because their march of 31 days is over.
4 I sought it, I found it, it was easily met, get God never got it and never will get?
Ans. A superior.
5 Two legs sitting on three legs and a leg on its lap.In comes four legs snatches up one leg, up jumps two legs, snatches up three legs and throws it after four legs to get one leg.
Ans. (Ans. in 3rd next page)