School: Cnuicín na hAbhann

Knockeennahone, Co. Kerry
Máiréad, Bean Uí Chéirín

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Old Ruins in the Neighbourhood of Knockeenahone School

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0448, Page 152

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About a quarter of a mile to the south east of our school are the remains of two old mills and a dwelling house. This house as built on the bank of the river and it was owned by the Fitzgeralds who were relatives of the Earls of Desmond. These were a very prosperous and enterprising family.

They were a protestant family but they were doing great business as they had the best mill in all the County. They owned a considerable area of land in this locality. They were landlords over tenants in Knockraur, Grouseha, Cummeenataguil, and other places. The dwelling house was a beautiful two or three storey house. There were very nice kitchen gardens and several kinds of shrubs and trees There was a splendid orchard on the slope of the hill above the house, and this was at a time when there were no apple trees growing throughout the country.
One of the mills was built about four hundred yards west of the house. This mill was the grinding mill and there was also a

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Anne Riordan
Barna, Co. Kerry