School: Nuadhchongbháil (Nohoval) (roll number 10326)

Scart, Co. Kerry
Siobhán, Bean Uí Riada
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0444, Page 201

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0444, Page 201

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  1. ''Finne Caol'' (or caobh nó caobh)
    This well is situated in James Blennerhassett's of Gort a tSléibhe. Children are cured there. There is no bottom to it. Rounds were made here up to 1890. One should go before sunrise. If person were seen near it the cure was frustrated . About 1880 Mrs Lyons came here three mornings, and on 3rd morning when going away she met Wm. Myles. She was not at all thankful to him though her"'rounds" were completed and her cure finished. No special date is connected with the well. The secretiveness was perhaps an old pagan device to prevent human respect and unworthy motives in the devotees
    Pat Mc Quinn of Currens Parish tells the origin of the well. A woman, not of this world used to come washing to a house in Mágh Ghlas (where Buck Mc Elligott now lives) No one ever stayed up to see her washing, until one night two
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    Pat Mac Quinn
    c. 60
    Currans, Co. Kerry