School: Listellick, Tráighlí

Listellick North, Co. Kerry
Domhnall Ó Súilleabháin

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Listellick, Tráighlí | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0442, Page 222

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Long ago when the Danes were here, the priests were not allowed to say mass in their little churches so they had to say it in lonely places. One day in a lonely corner of a field in Tubrid (Tubrid) a priest started mass.
The priest hunter came along but the priest did not stop from saying mass as he was at the consecration. As the priest hunters appeared they did not see the priest but instead they and there blood hounds saw three lovely wethers who all of a sudden made their way towards the sea drawing the priest hunters and their hounds after them. The wethers entered the sea at a place in Banna Strand called "atha Caoraé"
A stream of water marks the course taken by the wethers from where the hounds startled them right on to where they entered the sea at Atha Chaorach in Banna strand.
The well is noted for its great powers of healing all kinds of diseases. The rounds are performed there on the 24th June or 1st of May. The people who pay rounds there say three rosaries one at the well one at the altar stone, and another while walking around the altar stone, and another while walking around the altar stone and well.
When a sick person who visits this well sees a large silver trout he is immediately cured. It is

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Thomas Healy
Listellick North, Co. Kerry