School: Moyderwell Convent of Mercy (roll number 13530)

Moyderwell, Co. Kerry
Siúracha na Trócaire
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0441, Page 341

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0441, Page 341

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  1. Half a mile from the village of Castlegregory there was a hedge school called Bothán na scoile. It was situated in a field belonging to Mr. T. Courtney, and the school was taught by Mr. J. Hoare of Marabeg, Castlegregory. The pupils were taught in a cabin, and near the cabin was a cave, where the pupils, and the teachers used to make their escape, when they would see the soldiers coming. The cave was forgotten by the present generation until Mr. Courtney was ploughing the field about twenty years ago, when the roof of the cave collapsed. Then the oldest inhabitant remembered the cabin and the cave.
    There is another hedge school in Carrigaha, Castlegregory, and still another in Leary's Island, Castlegregory, which was joined to the main land, until the sea broke through and separated them. The cave is to be seen to the present day, where they used to teach school and hear Mass if possible. Nothing was
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    Mary O' Shea
    Castlegregory, Co. Kerry
    Mrs E. Duhig
    Castlegregory, Co. Kerry