School: Moyderwell Convent of Mercy (roll number 13530)

Moyderwell, Co. Kerry
Siúracha na Trócaire
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0441, Page 337

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0441, Page 337

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  1. A duel was supposed to have been fought on Bally McElligott at Fleneby in the field of Michael Prendiville. The antagonists were, Maurice, a brother of Daniel O'Connell and the son of the landlord at Ballyseedy who was named Blenerhasset.
    They decided to fight the duel at Blenerhassset's house. They were playing a game of cards and O'Connell won. The other said that the game of cards was not worth winning as it did not test ones bravery. He then assumed the honour of being braver and a better shot than O'Connell. The latter got angry as he was supposed to be Kerry's best, at shooting. They decided to fight a duel to test their skill.
    The parish priest of Bally McElligott heard of this decision and was much upset because of it. He immediately opposed it and said that all those who watched on at the duel would commit a previous sin. This priest was a great friend of Bleuehassetts and knowing O'Connell's fame at shooting he did his utmost to prevent the duel being fought but all was of no avail, the duel was fought.
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    Norry Reidy
    Ballymacelligott, Co. Kerry
    Mr Patrick Lacey
    Ballymacelligott, Co. Kerry