School: Scoil na mBráthar, Tráighlí

Tralee, Co. Kerry
An Br. Breathnach
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0440, Page 197

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0440, Page 197

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  1. A very powerful giant lived in the next province to Fionn Mac Cumhaill. Fionn had heard all about his strength and grew afraid of him. One day the giant sent a challenge to Fionn saying that he would fight him in single combat.
    On hearing this Fionn went in hide. The giant soon arrived but before his coming Fionn's mother was told of it. She called Fionn from his hiding place and bade him get into the cradle. Mean - while Fionn's mother prepared to bake, she mixed dough and taking a large oven in which she used bake the bread. She covered the oven with dough, and placed it on some red coals to bake.
    The giant entered and said "what a big cake you are baking" Fionn's mother replied "It is only a scone for the baby's tea. The giant walked towards the cradle and looked in at Fionn. Fionn had his face partly covered and pretended to be asleep. "Who is this" ashed the giant. "It is Fionn's son" replied the mother. The giant walked out of the house muttering as he went. "If that is the scone the baby eats and if that is Fionn's Baby in the cradle, what a giant Fionn himself must be. "I think the quicker I get out of this place the better for myself"
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    Donal Sheehy
    Ballybeggan, Co. Kerry
    Mrs T. Sheehy
    Ballybeggan, Co. Kerry