School: Clochar na Toirbhirte, Tralee (roll number 16871)

Tralee, Co. Kerry
An tSr. Bríd
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0439, Page 092

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0439, Page 092

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    in the future would come together, and each having taken an apple would continue to pare it. The peel should not be cut, otherwise the spell is broken. Then while wishing to know the name, each should take one end of the paring and twist it round her head three times, casting it finally over her left shoulder on to the floor where it would have formed a letter which is the initial of her future husband.
    Another amusing custom was "The Cabbage Test." Three maidens who whished to find out what kind of man they would marry should go to-gether into a cabbage garden. At the gate they should catch hands and walk backwards to a cabbage bed and with hands behind their backs they should pull a cabbage by the roots. If the root is gnarled the husband will be eldorly and if straight he will be young and handsome.
    Another amusing custom was
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    Mr Edward Sinnott
    Russell Street, Co. Kerry