School: Baile na hEaglaise (Chapeltown)

Chapeltown, Co. Kerry
Mícheál Ó hAiniféin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0438, Page 256

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0438, Page 256

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  1. Hurley Estate
    Cromwell had a general whose name was Sir John Locke. When they were dividing the Earl of Desmond’s property. Sir John Locke got Fenit and Fenit Island. Sir John Locke had only one daughter and she was the only heir to his property’s. She went to Italy and after a time she was married to an Italian Duke by the name of the ‘Duke of St. Arpoina.”
    When they were married, Sir John Locke’s property was put for sale. There was a person in Tralee at that time by the name of Parson Hurley. The Parson had a son whose name was Conway Hurley.
    Conway Hurley bought the Estate at a price of £24,500. Conway had a son by the name of John C. Hurley and it was for him that Conway Hurley bought the Estate.
    There were fourteen families living in Fenit Island then, and with the rejoice of having a new landlord each of them brought a rail of turf to the beach. They lit a huge fire which the kept lighting for two days. John C. Hurley was the Landlord then.
    At that time the farmers who were living in Fenit Island were small farmers but Hurley wanted large farmers so that if he evicted them it would cost him less than to be evicting a lot of small farmers.
    So in the year 1850 he evicted six of the fourteen farmers who were in the Island. He divided all the
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