School: Baile na hEaglaise (Chapeltown)

Chapeltown, Co. Kerry
Mícheál Ó hAiniféin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0438, Page 250

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0438, Page 250

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  1. 1. The cure they had for a cut was a plant called "Sloueán" ground into jelly between two brown sand-stones. Then the jelly is put on the cut.
    2. The "Dandeloin" used make a medicine for a person who had "Consumption". It used be boiled in water, then strained thoroughly and the water given to the patient to drink.
    3. The best cure they had for any sickness was to take water out of a well in the early morning without anyone seeing them. Then boil it and give the lukewarm water to the pateint to drink.
    4. "March Malice" was a herb which cured a sprained arm or a sprained ankle. They used pour boiling water on the herb and then bathe the affected part with it and then put a poultice of "March Malice" on the wound.
    5. They used have "dog-oil" as a cure for sick cows. They would have the liver of the dog-fish to make "dog-oil". They used put the liver into a pan of water and let it soak for three months. Then they used give it to the sick cows in bottles to drink.
    6. For a sore throat the cure they had was a poultice of Mustard. They used pour boiling water on the mustard and put it between two pieces of brown paper, and put it up to the throat. They used put on a few poultices and when the throat was getting better they used shake flour on it so that the Mustard wouldn't skin it.
    7. "Carrigeen" was a cure for cough. They used boil the
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    Morgan Fitzgerald
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