School: Cluain Leamhac (Cloonloo) (roll number 12767)

Cloonloogh, Co. Sligo
Ml. Mac Lochlainn
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0188, Page 064

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0188, Page 064

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    Tourlestrane. The eleventh of August is her feast day. On this day people visit those wells and make stations. First they take off their shoes and they walk around the well three times in their feet, and while doing so they say three rosaries. There is a mug in front of the well and each time they pass by it they drink three sups and throw out three sups. Then they go to a rock where there is a crucifix and they make the stations. The water of those wells are supposed never to boil.
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  2. St. Attracta was a holyl girl who went around this district. She is one of the patron saints of this diocese. She spent most of her time in Killaraght and on this account it was called after her. Someplace around here she tried to build a convent but she was unsuccessful.
    Once the O Garas of Co. Sligo and the McDermmotts of Roscommon had a fight and the O Garas were beaten and driven to the lake shake shore. They prayed
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