School: Cluain Leamhac (Cloonloo) (roll number 12767)

Cloonloogh, Co. Sligo
Ml. Mac Lochlainn
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0188, Page 060

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0188, Page 060

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  3. XML “The Feeding of Farm Animals”

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  1. Cows are fed with hay and straw during Winter. Milch
    cows get half boiled potatoes and Indian meal and
    mashes of Clarendo and bran and sometimes they get
    turnips or mangolds. Cows after calving get mashes of
    warm bran and oat meal. Stall cows get oil cake and
    plenty of potatoes and Indian meal and sheaf oats
    and the best of hay.
    Suck calves get plenty of new milk
    until they are ten or twelve weeks old. Then their
    allowance of milk is reduced to half and some flan
    gruel is added, Calves four or five months get a drink
    of butter milk or fresh skim milk from the creamery.
    When calves are eight or nine months old the farmer
    mashes them with half boiled and indian meal or
    oil cake and indian stierabout and good hay, Sick
    calves are dosed with castor oil and linseed and
    nitie and sulphur according to whatever ailment they
    Working horses get oats and good hay and
    sometimes they get a mash of bran at night. Sheep get
    sheaf oats. Young pigs get thin feeding made up of
    potatoes and buttermilk. When preparing pigs for sale they
    get plenty of boiled potatoes and meal or pollaid
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