School: Cluain Leamhac (Cloonloo) (roll number 12767)

Cloonloogh, Co. Sligo
Ml. Mac Lochlainn
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0188, Page 033

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0188, Page 033

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    One boy clasps his hands together. The other boy leaves a spoon on the boy's thumbs and says "buzz nab" and if the boy has not his thumbs taken away by the time the other boy has said "nab" he will be hit on the knuckles by the spoon.
    Duck on the rock: First of all you place a large stone which is called the "Granny" on the road. Then you leave a small stone on top of the granny which is called the duck. Then you stand a certain distance from the granny and throw a stone to knock the duck that is sitting on the granny. Then you run in to the granny to take away your own duck. If the boy inside gets a tick on you before you get away with your duck, then you will have to be duck on the rock until you get a tick on the next boy. So the game goes on like this.
    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.