School: Mullach Ruadh (roll number 10654)

Mullaghroe, Co. Sligo
Bean Uí Nia

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0187, Page 011

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About ninty eight years ago a boy named John Hannon lived in the parish of Keash in Co. Sligo. His mother died when he was only about two years and his father married again. They were protestants. His ather died too when he was about nine years and his step mother was very hard on him. Every morning she would give him an oatmeal cake and send him out minding cows on a mountain.
Every day when he would take out the cake to eat some of it a little red man would appear to him and ask for a bit of the cake. One day he came and told the boy if he would give him half of the cake he would grant him any request he asked. All right said the boy. John was a great flute player. His first request was that any body that would come within two hundred yards of him would have to dance if he played. The second was that any body that looked cross at him would have to laugh and couldn't stop until he thought it time. That was all he asked. When he went home that night his mother had a part and when he went

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Kathleen Toolan
Gorteen, Co. Sligo
Mr Michael Toolan
Gorteen, Co. Sligo