School: Ráth Maoláin (roll number 16131)

Rathmullen, Co. Sligo
Laoise Ní Ruairc

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My Home District

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0185, Page 0619

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My home district is Ballymote. It is a very large district, there are many townlands in it. Rathmullen is the townland I live in and there are many laces of historic interest in this neighbourhood.
Rathmullen means the fort of the mill. Long ago there was a mill at the Owen Mór river and a fort or líos near it. Not far from this place is the historic Church of Emlafad. Saint Colm Cille established the first Church there. The ancient name of the parish is Emlafad, but when the Church fell into the hands of the English it was destroyed by fire.
At Emlafad there are also the ruins of an old Monastery, from this Monastery there is an underground passage to the Castle of Ballymote

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Lil Ní Corcoráin
Rathmullen, Co. Sligo