School: Ráth Maoláin (roll number 16131)

Rathmullen, Co. Sligo
Laoise Ní Ruairc

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0185, Page 0584

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There are a number of birds in this district. The wild birds that are most common are the swallows, the cuckoo, the corncrake, the thrush, the blackbird, the robin, the wren, the lark, the crows and rooks and many others. The migratory birds are the cuckoo, the corncrake and the swallows. They come to Ireland in the middle of April. The cuckoo delights us with her sweet note "Cuckoo". She is both shy and lazy she always stays in the lonely woods, she never comes near our houses. She never builds a nest of her own she lays her egg in the grass, then carried it away in her bill to another bird's next to be hatched by her. The corncrake builds her nest in the meadows, in the evening she sings and continues her song throughout the night she has only one note "Crake crake"

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Eilís Ní Corcoráin