School: Ráth Maoláin (roll number 16131)

Rathmullen, Co. Sligo
Laoise Ní Ruairc

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Fairy Forts

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0185, Page 0573

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There are several Fairy Forts in my district.

Some of them are called raths other's are called mounds.
There are three in Emlafad one in Rathmullen one in Emlagh one in Rathdooney each of them in my locality are alike.
They are wide at the bottom and getting narrow at the top.
On one of these Forts the old Church of Emlafad is built there and also a burial ground.
There is a large wall surrounding it. There are lovely trees growing in it also. The other two are surrounded by trees which look beautiful.
The one in Emlagh has no trees growing about it.
I believe there is a story to be told about it.
It is given down from generation to generation some years ago there was a house built at the Emlagh Fort occupied by a man and his wife.

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