School: Ráth Maoláin (roll number 16131)

Rathmullen, Co. Sligo
Laoise Ní Ruairc

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0185, Page 0563

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Why does a cow look over the ditch?
Because she cannot look under it.
Why does a hen nib the pot? Because she can't lick it. Why does a hen cross the road? To get to the other side. Blacky and whitey went over the hill blacky came back and whitey stood still? An egg. As I went into the wood, I found it, when I looked for it, I couldn't get it. I kept it all day? A thorn in your foot. As round as an apple as flat as a pan, one side a woman and the other side a man? A penny. There was a maid in a garden laid, she was brighter than the fairest morning, she was made a wife the first day of her life, she dies and never was born? Eve. Around the house, around the house and lies at the back door? A twig. Around the wood, around the wood and never goes into the wood? A bark of a tree. A clipper of hedges, a clipper of thorns a little red cow with a pair of leather horns? A hare. As i went to London I saw

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Lil Ní Corcoráin
Rathmullen, Co. Sligo