School: Bunninadden

Bunnanaddan, Co. Sligo
John J. Rochford
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0185, Page 0264

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0185, Page 0264

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  1. Long ago there lived an old man and he was very cruel. There was a young man working in a mill near by. He was lodging in the old man's house. Every evening the young man used to jump the mill race but in the morning when he was coming back he used to walk through it. This man saw him one day and he asked him how was he able to jump it in the evening and have to walk through it in the morning. The young man told him the cause. He said that he used not to get enough to eat. When they used to sit down to eat and about in five minutes time the old man used to bless himself and say "Thanks be to God. He used to have to stop eating then. This man said that he would go to the house in his place. When he went into the house, he asked the old man could he give him a nights lodgings.The old man said that there was no place. But this man said that he would sleep on the floor or in any place. When supper was ready, the old man blessed himself as usual. About the middle of the night the old man got hungry and he sent down his wife to get something to eat for him. She got some milk and she put it on the fire in a burner. When it was near boiling the man who was on the floor got up and he began to tear down some soot. The woman asked him what was he doing. He said he had to teat down soot to satisfy himself. The woman went and told
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    Frank Anderson
    Bunnanaddan, Co. Sligo
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    Bunnanaddan, Co. Sligo