School: Carrowreagh (roll number 15220)

Carrowreagh, Co. Sligo
Elizabeth Benson

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Carrowreagh | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0185, Page 0131

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There is a house in Flower Hill owned by Michael Hillorgan and it could never be roofed. There are two stories told about it one is that a beggarman went to the door and asked a few pence and the people of the house refused it and when the beggar was going he said. "That house would never be roofed" Others say that when they were building the house a little man appeared and told them not to build that house there because they would never be able to roof it. They paid no attention to him but went on working. The next day when they were putting on the timber for the roof it was blown off and it had to be left there. The day on which it was blown off was very calm.

This house stands roofless there. A similar one in the same condition stands in Streamstown a townland about 6 miles distant as the crow flies.
Both these houses were build by the Luwins