School: Carraigíní (roll number 11693)

Carrigans Lower, Co. Sligo
Thos. Mc Gettrick

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An Old Story

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0184, Page 0178

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An Old Story
There lived a man and woman who had one daughter and she never worked. At this time there was a gentleman looking for a wife. One day he was passing by the girls house and he heard the mother beating her, so he went in to see what was wrong and the mother told him that she was working too hard. The gentleman asked her marriage and there was a wedding the night before they were married. At the Wedding the girl was sent down for whiskey to the cellar for whiskey to the cellar. She turned on the tap and sat down and began to think and weep. The mother went down to see what was

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Michael P. Scanlon
Carrigans Upper, Co. Sligo