School: Knockminna (roll number 12720)

Knockmoynagh, Co. Sligo
Máire Ní Scannláin

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Knockminna | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0183, Page 441

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something, but the man leading the horse insisted on the horse going through and when the horse was right at the foot of the fort, he fell and broke his two legs. Then a woman went in and started to dig at the sand, but she saw a little fairy man sitting on the shovel. She fainted and had to be carried home, where she was put to bed and died soon afterwards. Soon after this, the family died one after the other.

People living in this townland said that they often saw lights around the old fort even in the daylight. It is also said that there was a convent there in the olden times.
There is a fort situated