School: Cluainín (roll number 12001)

Clooneen, Co. Sligo
Eoin Mac Aodha

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Fairy Forts

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0183, Page 347

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There are many forts throughout the country. There are two fairy forts in the townland of Calterane. These forts are called the Calterane forts. The two forts are opposite each other but a few fields apart. They are circular in shape and there are fences around them. There is a sloe hedge on the north and there are whitethorn bushes on the east, west and south. The other fort is bounded on the north by a clay fence on the east by a hedge and on the west by a stone fence. There is a cove in the field close by. This fort is locally known as “Cashul.” There is an entrance from the above mentioned fort to this tunnel and people visited it long ago. The tunnel is lines with crude masonry on either side and stands about four feet high. It is covered by massive flags of red sandstone: some six feet long. A foot or two of earth covers the flags and cattle graze over the tunnel. One field at the eastern extremity of the tunnel is now cultivated.