School: Convent Girls' School, Ballymote

Ballymote, Co. Sligo
Sr. M. Patrick

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My Native Town Ballymote and its Surroundings

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0183, Page 240

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In our own "Green Isle" there are many beautiful places, but to me it seems none can surpass, or few can equal my native County Sligo which is rich in scenic beauty and historic associations. It includes the baronies of Carburry, Tireerall, Coolavin, Leyney, Tireragh, and my native barony Corran, which derives its name from Coran a harper of the Treatha-de-Danaans who was granted the territory in recognition of musical talents.
I live in Ballymote which is principal town in Corran, the ancient name of the town was Ara Uiat or the hurdle foot of Corran later changed to Ballymote or town of moat from moat or hill which faces the town.
Ballymote contains the ruins of an old castle which was built by the Burgo in 1300. It was a very fine stronghold in its day as the walls which are still standing are 6 feet thick, it often changed hands during the years 1300-1601at times occupied by O'Connor again occupied by Mc Donagh and again by Bingham.

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