School: Cloghogue (roll number 15574)

Cloghoge Upper, Co. Sligo
Ml. Mac Lochlainn

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Cloghogue | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0182, Page 283

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man answered, and said he was. They asked then would he come and see a sick cow which they had. The man answered and said he would, when he had the cow tied. The men thanked him, and said they would wait there until he would come back. When Brian came back they had a horse ready for him. He mounted the horse and they rode away. After a long ride, they came to a two storey barn. The men brought him into the second storey of the barn. There was dancing going on underneath.
There was a small hole in the floor through which a light rod could go. One of the men that was with Brian put a rod through the hole and touched one of the girls that was dancing with it on the nose. The girl sneezed but no one said 'God bless us'. The man touched her three times with the rod, and she sneezed each time. The third time Brian said 'God bless us' when no other one would say it. Immediately, the light went out, and Brian was left in the dark by himself.
The next morning, Brian left the barn and went into the house nearest to him. The man of the house told him he was a long way from home. He then gave him food that would do him on his journey.

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Bridie Walsh
Cloghoge Upper, Co. Sligo