School: Carraig Árd (roll number 15735)

Carrickard, Co. Sligo
Máire Ní Tháilliúir

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0181, Page 364

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Long ago when my Grandfather was young he lived near a big gentle man's palace. This man kept a big herd of cows, and a girl used to go to the field to milk them. There was one big cow that always spilled her milk no matter how she was watched.
She was always sure to spill it. Every time the girl told the man about it he got cross, and blamed the girl for it. So the next time he went out to see the milking done, and while the girl was milking the cow, the man heard a little child crying and a woman saying "She will soon be milked". So like every other time she spilled the milk.

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B. Mc Master
Cuilnagleragh, Co. Sligo